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March 18, 2015 @ 9:45 PM

Dizengoff Center
Dizengoff Street 50, Tel Aviv


Reserve a Ticket

This page gives you a chance to reserve tickets and make this premiere happen. To bring the film to your area, we need to guarantee a certain number of people will see it. If enough people reserve tickets by February 15th then the premiere will officially happen!

This is a no risk reservation! You will not be charged for your ticket until enough people sign up to guarantee the event will absolutely happen.




Event Information

This event is an exclusive one-time-only premier showing of Ctrl+Alt+Dance. The event calls for semi-formal attire, and tickets must be reserved ahead of time. People will be participating in a premiere themed evening all over the world, so wear your best smile and prepare for an evening to remember!

After reserving a ticket you will be notified of official after-parties hosted by local community partners.




Share the News

This premiere only happens if enough people want to see the film. We think people will love this movie! A lot of work has gone into making the film super awesome! The premiere will only happen if enough people reserve tickets to see the film.

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Film Synopsis

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about Colin, an unemployed security software specialist, who through a case of mistaken identity is hired as a dance teacher at a local school. An adventure ensues as he tries to stay one step ahead of a vengeful hacker, a suspicious principal, and a gorgeous dance instructor. Action overcomes fear as he falls head over heels into the world of Lindy Hop.




Film Background

Ctrl+Alt+Dance has been a community effort from day one. Members of the swing scene helped fund the initial budget. World renowned champions Kevin St. Laurent and Jo Hoffberg choreographed the dancing for the film, and international Lindy Hop champions Dax Hock and Sarah Breck deliver an amazing performance as the lead characters in the film. The film promotes music from a sampling of jazz genres. Contributing music artists include The Low Down Sires, Carsie Blanton, and Caravan Palace.



Directors Statement

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is a modern-day glimpse into how courage can be learned from a dance form and how an average individual can reset his life by challenging the fear that holds him back. This film is meant to challenge those who are complacent with their lives, encourage those who are trying to change, and give tribute to the first generation of swing dancers who bravely took action to overcome the fears of their day.

Support Local Groups

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is about action overcoming fear. It’s about doing something. Ctrl+Alt+Dance has been a community effort from day one, and we want to help give back to communities all across the world. We want to help raise public awareness for the film and also support local organizations.





Local Partners

Currently, Ctrl+Alt+Dance has partnered with the following groups in the area:


When you reserve a ticket, select an organization to associate with and they will receive a percentage of ticket sale proceeds!



Sign Up Your Group

Ctrl+Alt+Dance is partnering with local community organizations to give back up to 30% of ticket sales. Groups and organizations of all types can sign up! All we ask is that they operate in the local community.

If you are part of an organization that would like to partner with the film, Signup Here.

Reserve Ticket!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if enough people do not reserve tickets?

    If enough people do not reserve tickets in your area, (hopefully not!) then no one will be charged. You are only charged for a ticket when enough people reserve tickets to hold the premiere in a local theater.

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